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Interested in joining the Goulet Golf Club? We would love to have you join.

For more information about our league, please expand each topic below. Review our Club Constitution.

You can reach out to us or our executive if you have any questions. If you are interested in joining the executive, we currently have a couple of vacant positions.

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General Information

  • Cancel tee times you can’t make, as soon as you know you can’t play – so others can play.
  • Register at the Pro Shop at least 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled tee time.
  • Winners check “Credit Sheet” in the Pro Shop. Credits can be spent on almost everything in Western Golf Management Pro Shops (Goulet, Tor Hill or The Murray) – No expiry date.
  • Take advantage of offerings from MAP (Member Assistance Program) such as full swing and short game lessons.
  • Contact Club Captain about problems with membership status, scores, handicaps and rule interpretations.

Handicap Committee

Handicap & Rules Committee:

  • Administers procedures of the Golf Canada handicap system to make the game of golf more enjoyable for all the members
  • Provide for fair & equitable competition
  • Make score posting easy
  • Issue membership/handicap cards
  • Take action if members fail to post scores
  • Verify handicap factors

Club Nights


  • For Tuesday or Wednesday Club Nights, bookings can be made online using the Tee-On Software, starting at 9 AM the Tuesday or Wednesday prior.
  • Tuesday 3:00- 6:30 p.m.(one nine is used);
  • Wednesdays 3:00 – 6:30 p.m. (both nines are used)
  • All leaguenights are mixed format
  • $3.00 fee for nightly contest & proximities, green fees are separate
  • Optional $2.00 fee for Deuce Pot
  • 9 holes
  • Different types of contests (ex. hidden holes, hidden partners, etc.)
  • Must play with another club member to be eligible for prizes

Local Rules

These rules apply only when playing at the Joanne Goulet Golf Course during club nights and member/guest tournaments.

  • Must hit 1st ball from the tee – if the ball enters the water, the member is allowed to
    • (a) take to drop zone (#1 or #8 near the bridge) – the player is hitting 3rd shot or
    • (b) carry over for a 3-stroke penalty and play from the other side within a reasonable distance – the player is hitting their 4th shot.
  • You may NOT exchange your ball with a ” water ” ball prior to hitting over the water.
    – Take one club length relief (no closer to the hole) from trees marked with yellow ribbons or staked, if stance or swing will be affected – no penalty stroke – doesn’t apply to line of sight.

 Local Rule Hole #18 – Preferred Lie

  • Hole #18, between the 150-yard marker and the hazard, and on the fairway. If your ball comes to rest in this area, you may take relief without penalty.
  • Mark, lift, clean and place your ball within two club-lengths no closer to the hole.
  • If your ball comes to rest in the hazard you should drop the ball and then proceed under the above rule.
  • Turf Mat Rules:  If a ball comes to rest in the water (regular penalty applies) or the area before the water hazard that is mostly clay with rough patches of grass, there are three options:
    • Hit the ball from where it lies, or
    • Move the ball back to a nice patch of grass (no penalty) or
    • Use a turf mat as a drop zone (no penalty). Just place the ball on the mat and place your feet either on or off the mat.

Play “ready” golf.

  • “Ready golf” is a term used in stroke play, which indicates that players should play when they are ready to do so, rather than strictly following the procedure of “farthest from the hole should play first” in the Rules of Golf.

Club Tournaments

  • On-line registration – visit “Club Events“, then click on the tournament you wish to register for. Payment is accepted by e-transfer to payments@gouletclub.com
  • Entry fee plus green fees (includes proximity prizes)
  • Different types of individual and team events (eg. Par Points, Flag, Best Ball, etc.)
  • Some tournaments are open to guests, and all tournaments are open to members.
  • Handicapped tournaments require an established and up-to-date handicap
  • Club Championship – you must have an established handicap to participate


  • Club credits are awarded to winners of league events based on the rules of the game being played. Credits can be spent on almost everything in Western Golf Management Pro Shops (Goulet, Tor Hill or The Murray) – No Expiry Date
  • Club Championship prizes are purchased and then awarded at the Club Wind-up (except proximity prizes)
  • Club Tournament prizes are mostly donations or purchased by the tournament committee.

Ladies Program

  • Tournaments:  9 & Wine and another themed tournament
  • Clinics – Swing, Rules, Short Game, Putting

Men's Program

  • Tournaments/Club Night
  • Clinics – Swing Rules, Short game, Putting
  • Skins Game Night & Match Play


The name of the organization shall be the Goulet Golf Club, hereinafter referred to as the GGC.

a) To foster and improve the sport of golf at the Joanne Goulet Golf Course.

b) To encourage the development of junior golf.

c) To encourage sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and respect for the property among the participants in the game of golf.
Membership is open to any person 8 years of age or over, who subscribes to the objectives of the GGC and pays an annual affiliation fee as established by the executive of the given year.

a) The annual meeting shall be held during either the month of September or the month of October, at a time and place determined by the executive.

b) The semi-annual meeting shall be held during either the month of April or the month of May at a time and place determined by the executive and at the said meeting the executive will be required to present a statement of the previous year’s financial operation.

c) Notice of the annual meeting, semi-annual meeting or emergency meeting shall be mailed to the membership not later than seven (7) days prior to the date of the said meeting.

a) The executive shall consist of 10 persons, President, Vice President/Club Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Social/Prize Director, Junior Director, Ladies Representative, Men’s Representative, Communications Director, and Tournament Director, elected from the membership at the annual meeting.

b) Previous year’s President will assume the non-voting position of Past President.

c) The term of office shall be for a one year period commencing January 1 and ending December 31.

a) The executive shall deal with emergency situations that may occur from time to time.

b) The President shall be the executive head of the GGC and shall guide all policy and provide leadership in all matters of interest to the GGC.  He/She shall chair all general, executive and board of Directors meetings.

c) The Vice President/Club Captain shall acquaint themselves with the duties of the President and be prepared to act in his/her stead if so required.

d) Each executive member will be designated at the time of his/her election to be responsible for the activities under their specific function and shall report directly to the President.

e) The Past President shall serve as an advisor to the executive and shall carry out any other duties agreed upon by himself/herself and the executive.

f) The Secretary is responsible to the executive, and shall record the minutes of all general, executive and board of directors meetings.

g) The Treasurer shall supervise the receipt and disbursement of all funds and shall keep an accurate recording of all financial transactions.  The Treasurer shall present a statement at each semi-annual meeting of the previous years activities.

h) Each executive may select one or more persons from the membership to assist in their duties.

i) Each executive is responsible for reporting each month to the executive at the monthly executive meeting.
The nominating committee shall consist of the Past President, one member of the general membership to be appointed by the president.
The constitution of the GGC may be amended with the passing of a motion by a three-fourths majority at either the annual or semi-annual meeting, providing that the proposed motion has been signed by the mover and the seconder and circulated, in writing, to the general membership not later than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting at which the motion is to be made.


The GOULET CLUB is a social league that plays at the Joanne Goulet Golf Course. For information about course operations or management, please contact the clubhouse directly at (306) 777-7600.

Please follow these links for more information about the course or to book a tee time.

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