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The Goulet Golf Club is a fun mixed players league.

We provide a social format … with a little light competition thrown in. Members meet and golf on Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon/evenings. We are not associated with the golf course’s management or operations.

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Club Founders:

We would like to acknowledge the club founders:

Joe and Sandra Celentano.


The course and league were named after the renowned Joanne Goulet.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Joanne was the first Canadian woman to have a golf course named in her honour. She was installed in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in 1980.

Goulet won the city of Regina women’s Golf title thirty-two times. She is a two-time Saskatchewan Junior Women’s champion, a nine-time Saskatchewan Amateur Women’s champion, and a six-time Saskatchewan Senior Women’s champion.

She was also part of the Saskatchewan Senior Women’s team that won the Canadian championship in 1985 and 1990. In 1964, Goulet participated in the British Open and won the Commonwealth Trophy as a semi-finalist. Joanne Goulet passed away in 2014.

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Goulet Golf Club
Goulet Golf Club
Goulet Golf Club


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Clubhouse/Pro Shop

(306) 777-7600

PGA of Canada Professionals

Brian Dueck & Gary Gerein

Goulet Golf Club


Goulet Golf Club

Joanne Goulet Golf Club
8045 Kestral Drive
Regina, SK S4Y 1G7